Our latest paper gives an insight into the goals and benefits of the VRS HHS Initiative, and how it can provide assistance to vulnerable homes in the UK.

For years, many companies have been hiding behind GDPR as an excuse for not seeking out their vulnerable customers. But data protection regulations allow businesses to share and process data on vulnerable customers.

Cross-sector data is available using the datasets presented in this insights paper, which allows details of customers classed as vulnerable to be shared with multiple providers. A recent VRS survey found that 60% of vulnerable customers would tell an organisation they were vulnerable or in vulnerable circumstances if they were asked.

The VRS HHS Initiative, launched by Healthy Homes Solutions and the Vulnerability Registration Service, is a full, end-to-end, profiling, messaging, engagement, support, and impact analysis programme that helps vulnerable people and homes in poverty sign up to additional services from which they would benefit.

The additional services presented by the initiative include:

  • Priority Services Register (PSR)
  • Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Carbon Monoxide Advice and Monitors
  • First-time Central Heating for Vulnerable Homes
  • Householder Club Benefits and Grants Eligibility Checker
  • Free Friends Against Scams Online Training
  • Free Water Savings Kits
  • Broadband Social Tariffs

These services are designed to support those in vulnerable homes and are either free, or available at a discounted price. The majority of these services also allow for sign up via proxy, meaning the HHS call centre team can sign up recipients on their behalf in situations where they may not know how to, or be able to do it themselves. The goal is to present all these services to as many vulnerable people as possible.

Download our Insights Paper here.