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Healthy Homes Solutions Ltd (HHS) is an innovative initiative helping energy inefficient and vulnerable households improve their homes.

Focusing on the five pillars: poverty, health, digital, carbon and energy initiatives, we have identified small, simple steps that can reduce carbon, warm homes, save UK householders money, help vulnerable homes, and improve social return on investment for UK households.

We work to raise awareness of products, solutions, and funding available to empower change for healthier homes.

For the past 10+ years, HHS has been developing a modular approach to profiling, targeting and householder engagement that provides a tailored, full end-to-end service for housing associations, local authorities, managing agents, partners and government, enabling them to identify and reach homes relevant to their specific programmes and initiatives.


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The energy crisis could leave 8.5 million (28%) of all UK households unable to heat and power their homes.

The estimated social and economic cost of leaving people in poor and cold housing is in excess of £30bn per annum, including at least £2.5bn in costs to the NHS.

Healthy Homes Solutions have been developing a full end-to-end and modular profiling, targeting and householder engagement platform that drives greater social return on investment within UK communities.

Our platform, which marries the characteristics of a property’s energy efficiency with the resident’s socioeconomic traits, enables programmes to be implemented quickly and target funding more effectively, resulting in the greatest possible impact on the housing stock.

With extensive experience in ECO, Net Zero and Retrofit programmes, HHS closely engages with BEIS, ONS, TrustMark, leading industry suppliers, associations, and installers. Our aim is to support the retrofit and improvement of homes throughout the UK through profiling, insight, intelligence and motivational communications for government, industry, and UK households.

The estimated social and economic cost of leaving people in poor and cold housing is in excess of £30 bn per annum, including at least £2.5b in costs to the NHS. But this problem is about more than economic costs; it’s about lives.


According to The ONS:

The ONS reports there were 29,290 excess winter deaths in 2019-2020 (excluding Covid). Every winter, thousands of people are losing their lives in part or wholly because their homes are not fit for purpose and the problem is getting worse.

Those in fuel poverty often require significant renovations to their homes to make them fit for purpose. These take time, and where funding is available, the householder may still be asked to contribute to these measures, which many cannot afford to do. But low-cost products can provide immediate relief, improve health, save money, and reduce carbon. HHS recognised the value of these small and easy interventions.

HHS continuously evaluates available products, services, grants, and technical innovations to refine its recommendations,

By approaching climate change with a strategy of marginal gains from simple solutions supported by educational campaigns, people will feel motivated to keep making smart decisions for their homes, their families, and their futures.

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