Empowering Change: Effectively Engaging Vulnerable and Fuel-Poor Home


Discover the Impact of the HHS and VRS Vulnerability Initiative

We are excited to share a new case study video produced by Wales and West Utilities, showcasing the unique benefits of our Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS). In this video, hear from our Managing Director, Derek Owen, and Rachel Verdini, VCMA Manager at Wales and West Utilities, as they discuss how this service is making a difference for vulnerable and fuel-poor households in the Wales and West regions. Learn firsthand why the HHS and VRS services are essential in providing support and improving live.

Discover the Healthy Homes Solutions Vulnerability Initiative

To understand the breadth and depth of the support we provide, watch our new video. It’s designed for you UK residents, giving insights into how we can help improve their living conditions and make their homes healthier and more sustainable.


A paradigm shift, end-to-end targeting and engagement modular platform to drive greater awareness and make significant improvements for the poverty, health, digital, carbon and energy issues facing UK homes today.

Utilising our unique data analysis software and decades of expertise, we work to identify and communicate effectively with those most in need to create healthier homes.

Laser-like Profiling and Targeting

Drawing on over 1000 householder data indices from more than 15 relevant sources and our decades of expertise, we provide a quick and efficient way to help you better understand the needs of the homes in your community so you can communicate effectively and engage directly to navigate them to relevant supporting initiatives.

We’ve created a modular, collaborative approach that enables you to identify, target, engage, measure, and align with the services and skills you have available within your organisation.


  • media

    Profiling, matching, and enhancing housing stock

  • media

    Targeting, predictive modelling, and trend analysis

  • media

    Engagement, messaging, PR, and communications

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    Independent HACT, wellbeing and social return on investment (SROI)

Our platform matches the characteristics of a property’s energy efficiency with the resident’s socioeconomic traits to implement engagement initiatives quickly and target funding effectively allowing the greatest possible impact on households while delivering against your decarbonisation projects.

Profiling made easy with our Healthy Homes Index™

A comprehensive and unique approach to profiling UK homes by wealth, vulnerability, poverty, archetype, and energy performance. The index efficiently matches the property’s fabric with the residents’ socioeconomic traits to identify the relevant audience for specific educational or engagement campaigns. This greatly reduces the time and costs involved in implementing large cost of living, retrofit and net zero projects.

Contact a member of the Healthy Homes Solutions team for a free demonstration on how the Healthy Homes Index can revolutionise targeting and engagement programmes.


Healthy Homes Solutions Portfolio®

Healthy Homes Solutions’ unique portfolio consists of comprehensive modules to support your needs with a range of functions and data points including: data analysis and profiling, predictive modelling, insight analysis, tailored messaging, campaign creation (design, implementation and management), fully integrated and independent SROI and a full accountability and wellbeing report from HACT (Housing Association Charity Trust).

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A Key Differentiator

Where industry today focuses on the fabric of a home, we go two steps further and model in the resident and, most importantly, a full multi-channel messaging, design, and communications programme that we can implement for you, or with you.

Our award-winning marketing and communications specialists, fully integrated across all our programmes, can help solve your key issues by understanding the fabric and resident attributes and providing a fully mapped-out resident engagement programme.

UK Householder and Property Insights

We offer a unique set of profile-targeting mechanisms with one of the most extensive household and property databases in the UK and over 60 years of data history and industry expertise. We also collaborate with an extended set of data providers to help develop propensity modelling that further identifies relative fuel poverty and vulnerable probability along with campaign adoption modelling.

Our multi-channel resident engagement approach

  • media
    Stage 1

    Social Media Advertising

    Focus on messaging, targeting, and learning campaigns

    Defined geographic locations

    Capture engaged targets

  • media
    Stage 2

    Social media retargeting

    Likeness, retargeting and interests

    Defined geographic locations

    Use social media to find wider target audience

  • media
    Stage 3

    Direct marketing

    Cross-reference known ‘households in need’

    Create direct marketing sonar profile list

    Test targeting messaging and application

  • media
    Stage 4

    Door canvassing

    Cross-reference known ‘households in need’ from stages 1, 2, 3

    Educate face-to-face

    Use supporting facts and real-life testimonials and results

  • media
    Stage 5

    Show and tell

    Present completed home videos and testimonials

    (Where available) ‘Retrofit/Improved’ home open days

    Educate and influence through face to face

Using our unique engagement model, we can test, learn, and advise on which homes have a greater propensity to respond to relevant messaging and engagement methods. Thus, greatly reducing the costs of your engagement programme.



Independent Social Impact Report (SROI)

Large engagement projects include a completely independent social value index report performed by HACT (Housing Association Charity Trust), that covers well-being, mental health, economic and fiscal valuations by campaign.